The Hapeville Maker Space

Teach a Workshop or Class at the Hapeville Maker Space!

The Hapeville Maker Space offers instructor opportunities for community workshops and classes. We’d love to learn more about the class or workshop you’d like to teach for us. Your first step will be to submit a proposal for the class or workshop you would like to teach. Once we receive your submission, we will follow up with next steps.


We host private workshops for adults and seniors as well as STEM Arts classes for schools and homeschool groups. 


Wearable Tech / Fashion Studio

Our Fashion Studio is equipped with everything from sewing machines to sustainable materials and life sized mannequins. Some of our Fashion Studio courses include:

- Sewing
- Fashion Design
- Sustainable Textiles
- Wearable Technology

Technology Lab

Our Technology Lab is equipped with computer workstations, a 3D printer and tons of engineering gadgets! Some of our Technology Lab courses include:

- Computer Coding
- Environmental Engineering
- Biomimicry
- Aeronautics
- 3D Printing
- Physics
- Circuitry

Art Studio

Our Art Studio is a cozy little space that includes work easels, a drafting table, and artist supplies. Some of our Art Studio courses include:

- Drawing
- Painting
- Illustration
- Arts & Crafts
- Jewelry Making

We also offer Professional Development classes geared towards educators in the following:

- CPR & First Aid Certification
- STEAM Education Integration
- Classroom & Behavior Management

Professional Development


Homeschooling provides parents with the freedom of choice. The power to choose what you believe is best for your child’s education is paramount. The choice to give them an active educational balance that fosters social skills and exposure to the STEAM hands-on activities is needed in the 21 century to keep them competitive. Your child will meet new friends and learn new skills. Parents also will benefit from networking with other homeschooling parents.

Please click here to view the current schedule and class offerings.

Homeschool Groups