The Hapeville Maker Space


We host private workshops for adults and seniors as well as STEM Arts classes for schools and homeschool groups. 


Wearable Tech / Fashion Studio

Our Fashion Studio is equipped with everything from sewing machines to sustainable materials and life sized mannequins. Some of our Fashion Studio courses include:

- Sewing
- Fashion Design
- Sustainable Textiles
- Wearable Technology

Technology Lab

Our Technology Lab is equipped with computer workstations, a 3D printer and tons of engineering gadgets! Some of our Technology Lab courses include:

- Computer Coding
- Environmental Engineering
- Biomimicry
- Aeronautics
- 3D Printing
- Physics
- Circuitry

Art Studio

Our Art Studio is a cozy little space that includes work easels, a drafting table, and artist supplies. Some of our Art Studio courses include:

- Drawing
- Painting
- Illustration
- Arts & Crafts
- Jewelry Making

We also offer Professional Development classes geared towards educators in the following:

- CPR & First Aid Certification
- STEAM Education Integration
- Classroom & Behavior Management

Professional Development


After School at The Hapeville Maker Space is provided through Generation Infocus and includes:

- Snack
- Homework help
- An exciting STEM Arts workshop

Visit to learn more and register your child for after school care.

After School Care